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ETRO | A conversation with designer Veronica Etro

August 9, 2014 | Designer Spotlight, New Arrivals, Our Favourites



What was the underlying concept behind the show?

In essence, a love of exotic decorations. My vision this season was deconstructed elegance: the joy and simplicity of dressing with glimpses of hand crafted detailing. It had to be undeniably relaxed, optimistically blurring the lines between formality and informality with depth and intrigue. Inspiration came from a collection of found objects, from vintage books covered in patterned fabric remnants to the exotic blooms of Indo-China and precious metalwork from the Ottoman Empire, after which the ideas were subtracted and refined until the final collection was born.

shirt-etro4 short-sleeved-dress-etrot-shirt-etro3

Tell us more about your favourite patterns within this collection.

The classic Paisley motif returns with a contemporary twist, from hand sewn collages to exotic floral motifs across luxurious, silky canvases. In essence, the ‘new’ print has been formed from a splintered, patch work pattern: it is the art of imperfection, as well as a balance of contrast and harmony of juxtaposed elements living side by side.


trousers-etro1  wrap-dress-etro1slim-fit-trousers-etro1.1

How did you choose to style them?

The silhouette is circular, draped in a rounded manner, just like a scarf, a sarong, creating a casual and relaxed effect. The oversized pockets on the maxi dresses enhance the sense of practicality. It’s a balance between bohemian style and bohemian femininity. The important thing is to find the balance between heritage and true femininity. Accessories should mirror the new fascination with metal across belts and jewellery. Shoes should wrap around the body, complete with sting ray detailing for a touch of the exotic. Enamelled metal mesh and handmade metal trims are the perfect way to add a contemporary twist to a dusty, pastel palette.