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How to wear your silk scarf

January 10, 2014 | Our Favourites



We love Johnny Was silk scarves with their tassled corners and bright prints – there is always a way to incorporate these little beauties into your look. Pop in to find your favourite print!

Girly – for the girly girl who can’t resist a bow, wear your favourite silk scarf in your hair (a styled  alternative to simply throwing your hair up in the Australian summer)


Creative – for the on-trend creative, wear your favourite silk scarf around this seasons wide brimmed hat.


Need an excuse – for the person who loves their scarf and just needs another excuse to wear it, try tying it around the handle of your bag. Wear your scarf as a belt is always another fun variation.


Boho – as long as you don’t mind the excess fabric around your wrist, this is a sure way of getting some extra attention on your arms.


Parisian – the chic way of wearing a neck scarf


Attitude – for when you want to rock your inner confidence boldy, tie it across your forehead (bandana style).


Incogneto – for those days when you want to go unnoticed; or on the flipside, a country drive with the top down (yes – borrowed from Audrey Hepburn ).



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