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July 11, 2014 | Designer Spotlight

Santa Maria Novella Soaps

Santa Maria Novella Florence - Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

It is hard to come by a company whose products are made through a truly luxurious process. Not one driven by time pressures or the next trend, Santa Maria Novella have been using the same traditional methods since 1612 when they first began selling their beautifully crafted soaps, colognes, candles and other wares. Long before that, the monks of the Florence Basilica Santa Maria Novella were making the products for their own use.

Santa Maria Novella Body CreamToday, Samantha Ogilvie is the proud supplier of Santa Maria Novella products. The quality and precision of which, is without exception.

Colognes vary from fresh fragrances, through to rich floral tones, with the scent lasting long throughout the day.

Santa Maria Novella soaps have a beautiful texture retaining the gentle buttery softness of a freshly opened soap throughout.

Wax tablets and candles bring a relaxing ambiance and a subtle fragrance to any room of your house.

Each of the products from Santa Maria Novella are still produced using the original methods and hand finishing.

Preparation and aging of fragrancesSanta Maria Novella Colognes

Preparation and aging are the most important steps in the production of a fragrance.

Strictly following a formula, essences are mixed with alcohol and water in a mixer. The fragrance is then transferred through pipes directly into a temperature controlled vat where it is stored for one month with a constant flow of nitrogen eliminating all air. During this time the fragrance is refined and it stabilizes, developing and maturing its fragrance notes.

After having aged for one month the fragrance is ready to be packaged. From the storage vat it is piped to the bottling machine where expert personnel oversees every step. Each bottle is capped, sealed and labeled by hand.

Santa Maria Novella Boxed ColgoneEach bottle is labeled in pure gold with a special machine for pad printing which reproduces the original design of Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella’s Acqua di colonia.

Absolute essences for handkerchiefs and Triple Extracts are historical products and appeared in the Officina’s catalogues in the second half of the 19th century.
They are still packaged today one by one with a completely manual procedure. The print on the bottles today is identical to the original printing.