“Fashion lover. Rainbow chaser. Eat pop culture for breakfast.” – Lucinda’s Instagram bio just about sums it up, but there is so much more to know about this witty and effervescent personality who brings boundless energy to Samantha Ogilvie Boutique. Lucinda’s loves range from Prince-inspired paisley prints and nostalgic ‘90s style references, to New York City and the perfect bowl of ramen. Read on to learn more about Lucinda in the first of our Q&As with the staff who make Samantha Ogilvie Boutique so unique.

Q: How long have you been with Samantha Ogilvie Boutique?
A: I’ve been at Samantha Ogilvie Boutique for 4.5 incredible years. I’ve always had a deep love for fashion and retail. I graduated from The University of Queensland with a Bachelor in Behavioural Science, but fashion is certainly where my heart lies.

Why do you love what you do?
I think so often that what makes us love something is the way it makes us feel. I love connecting with people through the mode of fashion. That genuine interaction of assisting a customer and delivering the best experience possible is something I take great joy in.

What has been your favourite moment at Samantha Ogilvie Boutique?
There have been so many special experiences that not one is above the other. Through this amazing boutique, I have forged great friendships through great outfits!

What do you think are this season’s essential items or trends?
A great printed dress! I feel you can do anything in a great dress.

What is something you can never get enough of?
I will always be attracted to paisley prints. We are fortunate to house Etro at Samantha Ogilvie Boutique – Etro are the maestros of paisley and reinvent this timeless print every season.

What is the hardest-working piece in your own wardrobe?
My FRAME jeans, without a doubt! The fit is perfect, and they take me everywhere.

What item in your own wardrobe is most special to you, and why?
My runway Balmain jacket from SS09 (yes, a whole decade ago!) remains my most prized possession. The collection was inspired by Michael Jackson, Prince and drummer boy styling - literally all of my favourite things!

What’s inspiring you at the moment?
I’ve always found inspiration in pop culture, music and movies. Particularly things that have nostalgic value, or take me back to my childhood. The ‘90s fashion revival that is happening right now really speaks to me.

Who are your style influences?
Michael Jackson is my forever influence and icon. No one else has spawned more influential and iconic fashion moments.

What are your hobbies?
Does shopping count as a hobby?

Favourite Instagram accounts?
@aureta always delivers aesthetic goals and @alealimay is quite possibly the coolest person on the planet.

Favourite travel destination?
New York. I love EVERYTHING that city offers. It is truly a melting pot of all things fashion, food and culture. I’ve made a habit of visiting annually, and documenting my favourite spots to eat on @nyc_foodandfrolics. For those who have never been to New York: beware – you may get hooked!



Lucinda’s Brisbane

Q: Favourite Brisbane restaurants/bars, and what do your order?
A: I am a creature of habit. Like most Brisbanites, I love the pappardelle with duck ragu at Beccofino Pizzeria. I also take immense pleasure in a humble bowl of ramen from Taro’s.

Favourite place to spend a day off?
A day off always starts with a little sleep-in, followed by brunch with family at Whisk and Ladle in Milton.

The best thing about working in the James Street precinct?
James Street is an incredibly special street: a collective of the best that fashion and food has to offer. There’s nowhere else like it.

The best thing about living in Brisbane?
The sunshine! We are blessed with friendly people, beautiful surrounds and a relatively easy commute to work.

A must-do for those visiting Brisbane?
A visit to Samantha Ogilvie Boutique on James Street, of course!

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