It was wonderful to speak with Agua by Agua Bendita co-founders Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Álvarez for our SO Vacation Edit series. They shared their vacation plans, the Agua by Agua Bendita pieces they can't wait to wear over summer plus amazing recommendations for exploring Colombia and so much more.

Read our full conversation below and enjoy discovering the latest arrivals from Agua by Agua Bendita in store and online now.

SO Team x

What are your vacation plans this Summer?
Mari: We’ll be enjoying our summer holidays in Paris with the kids. We’ll be there for a month, doing short trips to the South of France and Provence; it will be their first time in Europe so we aim to rediscover these  gems along with our kids.

Cata: It’s going to be a busy summer for sure! but we always make time to visit our favorite summer spots for laying low and relaxing with our children and families; after Milan we are heading to Rome  and probably our final destinations will be Miami and Cartagena.

Agua by Agua Bendita

Which styles from the Pre-Fall/Fall ’23 Agua by Agua Bendita collection will you be wearing this Summer?
Mari: Honestly, I will be wearing most of them, but when it comes to favorites and musts, I will definitely be wearing the Níspero Bouquet and Lima Trebol. They have that irresistible charm and style that make them impossible to resist. 

Cata: I will definitely be wearing the Faustina Polilla and the Federica Special pieces. I can already envision myself gracefully moving through the streets, with the dresses gently swaying with each step, creating a whimsical and picturesque scene.

What are the accessories you don’t go anywhere without?
Mari: A good lipstick, a great book and an Agua Pareo never disappoint!
Cata: I am a great fan of bows lately, a bow to pull my hair back has been a key accessory in my closet as of late, that and the summer bags Agua is launching later this year.

Agua by Agua Bendita Agua by Agua Bendita

Favorite pool or beach - to - bar styling tip?
Mari: A matching, hand embroidered Agua swimsuit and a neatly tied pareo never look out of place at night; if they are properly styled they should take you from pool to bar effortlessly!

Cata: I agree, I also believe a hand embroidered one piece suit with a spectacular skirt or great printed pants is an unbeatable outfit.

How does travel influence Agua by Agua Bendita?
As fellow creatives, we embrace the exhilaration of traveling and exploring new places. It opens our minds, sparks imagination, and fuels our creativity. From uncovering hidden gems to immersing in diverse cultures, each trip becomes an opportunity to seek inspiration. Capturing vibrant moments and sharing them with our team, we ignite sparks of creativity. When we are traveling, we are constantly messaging our team with new ideas, the change of scenery just constantly inspires us.

Agua by Agua Bendita

Do you prefer a city break or escape to nature?
Mari:  Agua was born as a brand designed specifically for nature scapes; however with time, influenced by our constant visits to Paris and New York we have become more and more passionate about our looks and style being versatile for city and nature; so have we: we love to visit our country houses, but Paris will always be Paris.

Cata: I also have to say, while we might prefer a weekend in New York, eating at classics like Caviar Caspia; we love to be with our children and they love to be outdoors, riding horses, diving into pools or collecting crickets.

Where is your ultimate destination to escape to with your family?
Mari: The beach, anywhere.

Cata: I agree, we love it, our kids love it. Be it Cartagena, Miami or somewhere unexplored.

Agua by Agua Bendita Agua by Agua Bendita

What is your favorite kid-friendly vacation activity?
Our kids are fortunately great friends, we love to celebrate pool parties together in the summer; either at home, or at a destination; having kids around, chilled drinks and refreshing snacks is something that everyone loves. 
Even if those drinks are mimosas for adults and capri-suns for children.

A destination you dream of returning to?
Mari: We shot a crazy-beautiful editorial story for PF/FW 22 in Como, northern Italy. I would love to return there. It was an inspiring location.

Cata: This year our pieces got featured in a huge editorial billboard around Serrano in Madrid; It made me feel like it was time to visit Madrid, eat some croquetas, and see the Meninas. Madrid always feels like home away from home for us two.

Agua by Agua Bendita

Where are the places on your travel wish list?
Mari: This year the place on the list is puglia!

Cata: The south of Italy is a place we always wish to return to; Agua outfits work very well in the south of Italy.

How would you describe your perfect vacation day?
Mari: I am a great fan of work days over vacation days. A work day abroad, surrounded by family, working on the most fun parts of my job: designing, looking for inspiration and exploring new collections; hopefully next to a pool, definitely surrounded by my children.

Cata: I am also a great fan of work; however I love parties; my perfect vacation  day would include a great bash with mocktails dancing with my children somewhere unexpected, like India or the great african plains on a safari; who knows, just an adventure with my children; and like mari, a bit of fun work.

Agua by Agua Bendita Agua by Agua Bendita

Recommendations for traveling to Colombia – where to stay, eat and explore?
Colombia is definitely our favorite place ever. Our entrepreneurship story began in Cartagena, making swimsuits for our summers there, so we would say that our main recommendation is to travel there. In Cartagena we have always been in love with the Sofitel Santa Clara. Cartagena is such a beautiful place steeped in history and architectural marvels, you will be completely captivated by the sheer beauty of the buildings that each tell a tale with its colonial charm.
For food you can also explore restaurants like Carmen & La Vitrola. Do explore every corner in the walled city. It will not disappoint.

Otherwise Medellin, our home town, is a must. There is a bustling restaurant scene that includes great places visited by dignitaries, foreign presidents and style icons: La Provincia, San Bombi, Don Diablo and Oci. There is also the world’s largest Botero Collection at the Museo de Antioquia and great city escapes that can only be found here. 

Stay at Mariana 's husbands newly built hotel, Hotel el Zarzo, otherwise visit the El Cielo Hotel, founded by michelin star decorated chef Juan Manuel Barrientos.

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