Looking for the perfect Christmas present or accessories to brighten your holiday looks?  New arrivals from Ben-Amun and Jerome Dreyfuss have landed in-store and online! 

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Introducing Ben-Amun jewellery to Samantha Ogilvie

Isaac Manevitz, the Egyptian-born designer of Ben-Amun, has been designing his line of jewellery for close to 40 years.  He brings his love of sculpture to each collection by working with quality materials to create unique, timeless designs. Each piece of Ben-Amun jewellery is handcrafted by skilled artisans in the Garment District of New York City. 

Tibi top $550 Ben-Amun earrings $650 Ben-Amun bracelet $375 Ben-Amun bracelet $350

FRAME shirt $550 FRAME jeans $395 Ben-Amun earrings $525 Ben-Amun necklace $450 Ben-Amun bracelet $350 Jerome Dreyfuss clutch $475

FRAME jeans $450 FRAME belt $350 Ben-Amun bracelet $375 Ben-Amun bracelet $350 Jerome Dreyfuss clutch $475

Tibi top $550 FRAME jeans $450 FRAME belt $350 Ben-Amun bracelet $325 Jerome Dreyfuss handbag $1295

FRAME top $695 Gucci sunglasses $560 Ben-Amun earrings $325

FRAME top $550 FRAME jeans $395 Ben-Amun earrings $525 Ben-Amun bracelet $350 Jerome Dreyfuss handbag $1495

Tibi top $550 Ben-Amun earrings $495 Ben-Amun necklace $575 Ben-Amun bracelet $325

FRAME t-shirt $160 FRAME jeans $495 Jerome Dreyfuss clutch $475

FRAME top $695 FRAME jeans $395 Ben-Amun bracelet $275 Jerome Dreyfuss handbag $795

FRAME t-shirt $160 Ben-Amun earrings $395

FRAME t-shirt $160 FRAME jeans $495 Gucci sunglasses $485 Ben-Amun earrings $350 Ben-Amun necklace $650 Jerome Dreyfuss handbag $1295

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