"Dreams of travel and expeditions inspired the latest Summer collection from Evi Grintela. Images of sand dunes, patterned tiles, vintage post cards from travels in Asia and Africa along with earthy spice colours are interpreted through linen stripes, traditional patterns and voile paisleys." 
- Evi Grintela
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What are your vacation plans this Summer?
This Summer I am planning to visit Milos, an island in the Cyclades, which was best known for its colorful syrmata (fishing boat storage carved into the porous rock). I have chosen to stay Skinopi Lodge, a modernist-style property overlooking the sea.

Skinopi Lodge

What will you be packing in your vacation suitcase?

My suitcase will definitely have the matching set from our Resort 23 collection which includes a bustier, a shirt and pants in striped sky blue and white seersucker cotton.
I will be packing my two favourite Eres swimsuits in dark brown and dark blue and of course our best-selling Valerie shirtdress. Lastly, I always have with me when I go on vacation a sarong, an old time classic Evi Grintela kaftan and a crispy poplin white shirt.

What is your best Summer styling tip?

My styling tip during the summer is to always have with you a pair of flat sandals and a shirt dress in shades of blue, sand colours, stripes and white shirts all in organic cotton or linen fabrics.

Evi Grintela Evi Grintela

How will you be accessorising your Evi Grintela dresses this Summer?

I will be accessorizing them with a raffia bag I bought in Porto, Portugal from a little store I found existing since 1905. Also, my raffia Birkenstock pair from their Issimo collaboration and my favourite jewellery from Lito. Another favourite accessory is my Etro multi striped bucket hat and of course the new Chanel square sunglasses in white. The final touch will be my favourite perfume for this Summer is Lys Mediterranee by Frederic Malle.

What does a typical vacation day look like for you?

I start my day with breakfast and Greek coffee in a traditional Greek kafeneio (café) with sea views. I usually spend all day at the beach and enjoy reading a book or renting a boat to explore other beaches and having lunch with fresh sea food.

Evi Grintela

How do you enjoy Summer in the city?
As I live in the historical centre of Athens, in Plaka, near the Acropolis, in the morning I take a stroll in the national park or in the historical old alleys of Plaka. There are many wonderful small traditional taverns and restaurants with organic food and beautiful gardens that I enjoy during the summer days in the city. Also, one of my favourite hobbies during summer is visiting the open air cinemas.

Where is your ultimate destination for escaping into nature?
My favourite destination for escaping into nature is the seaside, which for me is the most peaceful place. I usually go to Aegina, which is half an hour from Athens, at my best friend's house.

Evi Grintela Evi Grintela

A destination you dream of returning to?

A destination I dream of returning to is Morocco.

The Spring of 2019 I travelled to Marrakesh, and I lost myself in the narrow, labyrinthine streets of this mysterious and impossibly exotic, Morocco's fabled ancient rose-hued city. Marrakesh hijacks your senses; the fresh mint tea, the scent of orange blossoms mixes with smoke and cumin. Electric colours like Lapis lazuli and sunflower yellow pop against the city's dust-pink painted walls. The sounds, the souks are the essence of the city. I am definitely inspired by the wealth of traditions through centuries, the rich history of Arabic and African people, the Berber's cultural heritage, the oriental cultures and the old Moroccan arts and crafts techniques and designs in myriad ways. I discovered in Marrakesh those bold colours of zellige mosaics, zouacs, ajellabas and caftans. Below the words of Yves Saint Laurent who love the Red City passionately. 
“I am indebted to the country of Morocco, to the violence of its harmonies, the insolence of its mixture, the intensity of its inventions.”

Evi Grintela

What is your favourite holiday meal?

My favourite holiday meal is fresh sea urchin with spaghetti, fishes, seafood and watermelon and of course the Greek traditional salad with extra virgin oil.

Your favourite recommendations for anyone visiting Greece in Summer?

The thing I find wonderful about Greece is that you can have so many options. You can visit islands where you can find solitude, islands with crowded dance floors, seasides with sand, beach with rocks etc. I believe Greek islands can satisfy all kinds of travellers and that is what makes them unique. However, what I would recommend is to visit them during June or September when it would be less crowded. 

Evi Grintela Evi Grintela

Dreams of travel and expeditions inspired your Desert Dunes collection - can you tell us any more about the locations that influenced this collection and how travel shapes your design process?

My travels in Asia and Africa inspired this collection. The colour palette of the desert is the palette I used for this collection and is inspired by images from the Sahara Desert and the Berbers and Nomads living in the desert and the way they combine stripes and prints. One of the most famous Nomadic tribes of the Sahara Desert are the Tuareg, known for wearing many different colours with camel saddles and for the tie of the turban.

Evi Grintela

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