For the final chapter in our SO Vacation Edit series, we were delighted to speak to Emporio Sirenuse founder Carla Sersale
Here Carla shares her go-to pieces from the new Emporio Sirenuse collection plus amazing recommendations for exploring Positano and enjoying summer on the Amalfi Coast.

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What is your go-to piece from the Emporio Sirenuse High Summer collection?

Certainly, the Akroterion Embroidery story is breathtaking, all its different styles are stunning in their own way.

Emporio Sirenuse 

How will you be styling your Emporio Sirenuse looks through summer?

I love the Elephant Family story, with its jungle leaves in blue and green. The short tunic (Gloria) is new and fresh. The Soora is new, easy and comfortable, and sexy at the same time.  Every piece sold of this story and (the wildlife story) contributes to our donation to Elephant Family, the British conservationist charity supporting wild animals’ survival and coexistence with the human genre.


Emporio Sirenuse Emporio Sirenuse

What are your packing and locals-only tips for visiting the Amalfi Coast in summer?

Pack light clothes as it will be hot. Bring something for the evening and shorts or caftans for the day. Casual chic at night, rather than formal.

Beach restaurants that you go by sea. Get a water taxi from the beach or rent a boat with or without captain. Go to Da Adolfo and La Tonnarella beach restaurants, located in two different (and far apart) beaches, share the beauty and simplicity of very good food. These are not-to-be-missed experiences.


Emporio Sirenuse Emporio Sirenuse

What is your favourite…

Way to entertain family and friends in Summer?
Around a table with food!

Summer activity in Positano?
Swim in the Mediterranean, the most beautiful and safe sea in the world.  My husband and I sometimes swim all the way to Da Adolfo, which is about 1.5 km from Positano. The reward is the best meal on the Coast…

Tip for indulging while on vacation?
Have a massage at our spa. Have a drink with a view at Franco’s Bar.

Cocktail from the Le Sirenuse bar?
This is Franco’s Bar’s favourite cocktail:


4 cl Tequila (preferrably Casamigos Blanco)
2 cl Italicus
Peach Nectar / Peach Puree (must be high quality – preferably Alain Milliat or Ponthier White Peach)
1,5 cl Lime Juice

Glass: Low Tumbler
Garnish: Edible Flower 

Shake all ingredients and pour over ice in low tumbler glass. 

Emporio Sirenuse Emporio Sirenuse


Destination for an unforgettable meal?  
Da Adolfo, Lo Scoglio, La Tonnarella – each of them lunch places on fabulous beaches. To go by sea. Also, Lido Azzurro in Amalfi and Da Vincenzo a Positano.

Positano is the ultimate vacation destination, but where do you go to escape?
We go trekking in Nepal, Perù, Bhutan, Ecuador, Kilimanjaro.

A destination you dream of returning to?
Always India.

Emporio Sirenuse Emporio Sirenuse


Where are the places on your travel wishlist?
Italy is the most beautiful destination. It is small but so diverse that you could easily travel for months and not get tired of seeing small and large cities, villages, churches, sea views, lakes, mountains, ART!!

How would you describe your perfect vacation day?
I like to take it easy and explore without too much of advance planning. I think less is more.

Where are your favourite places to source inspiration for Emporio Sirenuse?
The Mediterranean cultures originates from Morocco and Spain all the way to Greece, Turkey and the middle east. This incredible melting pot has roots that go back to the Roman Empire and to the civilizations before it. A complex cultural heritage that converges in a very complicated and fascinating city, Naples. And, as we produce our garments with the most skilled artisans of India (from Mumbai to Delhi to Kolkata) we get our inspiration from a mixture of Mediterranean and Eastern influences.

Emporio Sirenuse Emporio Sirenuse Emporio Sirenuse

Images: @emporiosirenuse

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